Fonda McMahon Group

Matt and his long-time business partner, Jeff McMahon, joined forces to create The Fonda-McMahon Group.  Together, they have more than 40 years of experience in the Los Angeles real estate market and have been awarded an array of prestigious industry awards for top sales performance . Their combined experience, complementary personalities, and individual expertise have allowed them to provide exceptional results. They prepare their clients for the many steps they will encounter from the beginning to the end of the transaction. No one likes surprises, and they’ve built their reputation on recognizing potential problem areas and finding solutions to the many complexities of a real estate transaction including home inspections to escrow and title issues.

But when all is said and done, for Matt and Jeff there’s one sure way to know if they’ve done a good job. “It’s when our clients say, ‘We’re so glad we found you!’”

Matt New

Matt Fonda

With 25 years of experience as a real estate agent in Los Angeles, Matt provides his local, national, and international clients with unparalleled expertise, service, and professionalism. He is part of Coldwell Banker’s Global Luxury Division, an elite cadre of real estate professionals. 

Through each step of the buying and selling process, Matt’s hands-on approach ensures that no detail is left unattended and that his clients’ unique sets of needs and preferences are carefully addressed. 

Part of what Matt enjoys most about his work is anticipating various outcomes so he can guide his clients around pitfalls unknown to most people, whether buying or selling their first or fifth home. As a problem solver, Matt is adept at identifying solutions to the inevitable challenges that come up. Besides his own expertise, he will reach out to experts in other related fields. His goal is to ensure a smooth, successful transaction.

Matt has built an exceptional reputation as a dedicated, accessible professional. Client referrals, including multi-generational buyers and sellers within families, often comment on his willingness to listen and address particular needs with a high level of trust. This kind of compliment is accomplished one client at a time. 

Jeff New

Jeff McMahon

Providing a comprehensive, seamless real estate experience is Jeff’s goal for every client he serves as a top-producing realtor with Coldwell Banker in Los Angeles. He is part of Coldwell Banker’s Global Luxury Division, an elite cadre of real estate professionals.

Jeff has extensive local knowledge of one of the prime real estate markets in the US. He understands the unique characteristics of LA’s prime neighborhoods, from the Westside and Santa Monica to the Hollywood Hills and the San Fernando Valley.

With a commanding knowledge of these communities and ever-changing market trends, Jeff brings valuable insight and guidance to his clients, helping them make well-informed decisions and achieve their real estate goals.

Jeff’s commitment to his clients is the essential element to his business model. He strives to build communication and trust by taking time to listen to his clients and prioritize their needs and goals. He sees his role as that of a trusted advisor, someone his clients can rely on for their immediate real estate needs and those in the long term.